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About Us

About Us

About H E L O N ❤ H O U S E

Everywhere the river goes, there is life

- Ruth Okediji

Love Matters!

Helon House, which invariably, is a love movement, is a movement committed to producing spiritually sound, biblically based, and intellectually trained individuals with a clear kingdom worldview. We are motivated by a profound sense of responsibility to purposefully empower families in the community through sound biblical teachings.

The love of God is the driver behind our mindset. We actually thrive on love!

We impact our world through face-to-face interactions using digital platforms to reach disparate peoples around the world. Our city outreaches are practical training and purposeful environments for the aspiring seekers.

Love is the language for transforming lives, serving, and reaching our communities.

Love in motion
Online meetings and collaborations
Events in the city.
Using healing as a means of reaching people and enriching lives.
City Outreaches and Daily Online Meetings

We are Love in action in the city and through our daily Online Meetings

Love is our language, spoken through our actions and demonstrated through our lifestyle. Love is the conduit through which we serve our community
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